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We are LRP, The Loss Run Pros

The insurance industry is built on trust. When you buy insurance, you trust the carrier to do right thing if something goes wrong with your property or possessions.

But how often do carriers make the loss run request process easier for their customers? Not very often, is the answer. It's not their fault—the current system is clunky and outdated. But that doesn't mean that it has to stay that way forever!

LRP is here to help change things with our new loss run request software. We've been working hard and we're excited to finally get it out into the wild. But don't just take our word for it—we want YOU to try it out!

LRP Timeline

We've accomplished a lot in the last few years. Find out more about where we came from and where we're headed.


July 2022

1500 Agencies on the LRP Platform

June 2022

Selected in Early Stage Montana’s 2022 HyperAccelerator Cohort

June 2022

Feb 2022

Doubled our sales staff to scale and serve more agencies


Dec 2021

Top 10 Companies to Watch in the Insurance Industry in 2022 by Killing Commercial Insurance

July 2021

Welcomed Sarah Compton to customer experience VP

July 2021

March 2021

Welcomed Brenden Corr for Business Development

March 2021

Closed early-stage seed funding from K2 Insurance Services

March 2021


Jan 2020

Selected to BrokerTech Ventures Cohort


Oct 2019

The idea was born

October 2019



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